Implements for The Job: 5 Essentials for Trail Cutting & Maintenance

Posted by Spencer Santilli on May 26th 2021

Implements for The Job: 5 Essentials for Trail Cutting & Maintenance

Implements for The Job: 5 Essentials for Trail Cutting & Maintenance

One of the best ways to use new attachments around your homestead is by expanding access to the far reaches of your property through reviving old trails or building new paths. 

Creating trails is essential to accessing hunting areas, food plots, additional pastures, and fence lines. Homestead Implements attachments are the perfect tools for the job, and we’ve got a few in mind that can completely transform your property trails in no time.

By no means does your tractor need all of the following attachments to build a trail around your homestead. Each attachment has beneficial uses that can make a big difference in trail maintenance or building.

1. Landscape Rake – Trail Maintenance

The Landscape Rake, combined with a new Wheel Kit, is an invaluable implement for maintaining established trails and roadways. 

While the tines can provide some lift to compacted gravel or soil, they may not be the best tool to revive or build new routes. 

When attached to your tractor and set to the correct height, a Landscape Rake can collect loose brush, large rocks, or other debris built up over the winter months or after a summer storm.

Compact Tractor Attachment Landscape Rake by Homestead Implements

2. Grapple – Trail Maintenance & Trail Building

Our Grapples are the perfect all-purpose attachment for your homestead. These powerful and durable front-end implements can quickly relocate fallen trees, remove large rocks, and rip out roots. 

The Brush Grapple is excellent when it comes time to collect the fallen brush pile from your Landscape Rake. 

Break out your Root Grapple when building new trails to easily carry fallen trees, help with tree work, or help take fencing supplies through the woods. 

Whether you are maintaining existing trails or building new trails, any Homestead Implements Grapple will significantly improve your ability to complete your project.

Compact Tractor Attachment Brush Grapple by Homestead Implements

3. Brush Cutter – Trail Maintenance & Trail Building

The Pinnacle Series Brush Cutter is an excellent attachment for anyone who has extensive property or trails that need regularly maintained. 

The robust gearbox combined with the heavy-duty blades will easily cut saplings up to 2” in diameter. Brush Cutters are best used on existing trails after a pass of a Landscape Rake to collect any sticks or limbs.

When blazing a new path, it is best to mark where you plan your trail to go and collect any loose limbs before running the Brush Cutter to avoid damaging the implement or causing harm to the tractor operator.

Compact Tractor Attachment Brush Cutter by Homestead Implements

4. Box Blade – Trail Maintenance & Trail Building

Box Blades are great for maintaining groomed trails or trails with a rocky base. 

These durable attachments with ripper shanks and dual-sided grading blades are excellent for reviving compacted trails or spreading new material. Box blades are essential implements for any homestead.

Compact Tractor Attachment Box Blade by Homestead Implements

5. Rotary Tiller – Trail Building

Rotary Tiller is an excellent tool for any growing homestead and can turn a rough trail into a nicely groomed path. 

A Tiller can break apart compacted soil and leave it in perfect shape for a Landscape Rake, Box Blade, or Land Plane to make several passes leaving you with a neatly groomed and smooth trail through your homestead.

Compact Tractor Attachment Rotary Tiller by Homestead Implements

To sum things up, you can maintain and build trails throughout your property with several different implements. Ultimately, the right tools for the job depend on how “finished” you would like your trails to be. 

You will likely get by with a Grapple and Brush Cutter for rough access trails to hunting grounds; however, if you are looking to create a well-maintained gravel trail, you might consider adding a Box Blade or Landscape Rake to your arsenal. 

Trail building is a fun activity for any equipment owner and is an excellent way to improve the usefulness of your property and the many ways you and your family can enjoy it. 

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