New Front-End Quick-Attach Implements - Snow Equipment & Pallet Forks

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Nov 6th 2020

New Front-End Quick-Attach Implements - Snow Equipment & Pallet Forks

New Front-End Quick-Attach Implements - Snow Equipment & Pallet Forks

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, and the first white dusting of snow has covered the cars in the parking lot at Homestead Implements HQ. That can only mean one thing, that yes, winter is coming. This year, however, we will be more prepared than ever with a brand-new lineup of front-end loader snow removal attachments for sub-compact and compact tractors. Our initial lineup of snow equipment will feature three sizes of Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plows and three sizes of Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher. Additionally, we are releasing our Pinnacle Series Pallet Forks this week! Every homestead and tractor owner needs a quality set of heavy-duty pallet forks for the day-to-day tasks and to unload all the new Homestead Implements attachments that will make their way to your property over the next several years!

Universal Quick-Attach Pallet Forks:

No other attachment can completely replace the effectiveness, all-around capability, and durability of a heavy-duty set of pallet forks. Our Pinnacle Series Pallet Forks use rugged 1.25" thick tines capable of lifting up to 3300 pounds. Of course, you will want to consult your compact tractor or sub-compact tractors manual to determine your machine's actual lifting capacity. Use the spring-loaded pin to adjust quickly and lock the forks into place along 4" increments on the frame. The tines are 4" wide by 48" long and can adjust to the full width of 44".

Lift pallets, move equipment, carry fence posts, and unload deliveries with your new set of heavy-duty Pinnacle Series Pallet Forks. This attachment affixes via Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) to the front-end of your compact tractor or Skid Steer and has a lightweight design that maximizes your machine's lift capacity without sacrificing performance.

Universal Quick-Attach Snow Equipment:

We are excited to utilize our extensive winter experience towards our new series of snow moving equipment for the front-end loaders of Cat-1 and Cat-2 sub-compact or compact tractors under fifty-five horsepower. With our facility located in Western New York, we are no strangers to powerful snowstorms that can unload inches to feet of snow in a matter of hours. We understand how vital a heavy-duty snowplow or snow pusher can be to a homestead or property owner. 

Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow

  • Our snow plow is currently available in three sizes and five different colors. It works with Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) and a John Deere® compatible hitch system is in the works. The Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow is built from rugged 10-gauge steel and is equipped with dual 2" by 6" hydraulic cylinders that can adjust up to 30° in either direction. You will find a 6" tall reversible and replaceable Hardox® 450 steel scrape blade along the bottom of the plow. You can easily control the blade's depth by removing or adding in washers from the front pin assembly. The plow features a spring trip load rating of 1100 pounds and will prevent you from damaging your tractor or the plow. No matter the hydraulic fittings of your machine, the Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow can match as we offer an array of Pioneer Fittings, Flat Face Couplers, and other select fittings upon request. This plow is a perfect winter compliment to your tractor and will make clearing snow from roadways, barnyards, parking lots, and driveways less of a chore.

Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher

  • The front-end Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher is compatible with tractors under fifty-five horsepower and affixes via Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA). It is currently available in three sizes and five colors. The Snow Pusher has an overall height of 25" and includes two 27" tall blade markers so that you won't lose sight of the edges in even the thickest snowstorms. The Snow Pusher features the same 6" tall reversible and replaceable Hardox® 450 steel scrape blade as the Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow. Additionally, you can adjust the height via the 3" wide replaceable skid shoes along the bottom of the moldboard. With this included feature, you can ensure that your paved driveway stays intact through the depths of the winter months while you scrape away any ice or compacted snow. 

As we continue to grow our lineup of attachments, we are excited to add attachments that are great for day-to-day tasks and those implements that are suited for specialized seasonal jobs. Our Pinnacle Series lineup of heavy-duty, rugged, and tough attachments is experiencing tremendous growth. We are excited to continue the pursuit of developing more attachments for the eager homesteaders, proud property owners, and business entrepreneurs. Have an implement you are looking for but don't see here? Give us a call or reach out to our Facebook Owner's Group to see if it is something we have in the pipeline for the upcoming months!