Pinnacle vs. Independence - What You Should Know!

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Oct 23rd 2020

Pinnacle vs. Independence - What You Should Know!

Pinnacle Series or Independence Series - Which Will Work Best for You?

When we set out to manufacture tractor implements, our end goal was to engineer multiple versions of our attachments so that every tractor under fifty-five horsepower could utilize a quality, American-made, Homestead Implement attachment. Soil conditions, horsepower, wheelbase width, and usage all play a factor in determining what type of implement you may need around your homestead. This blog will break down the fundamental differences between our Independence and Pinnacle Series attachments and which one may work best for your needs. 

Independence Series:

Currently, we offer six implements in an Independence Series variant. The Back Blade, Landscape Rake, Box Blade, Land Plane, Front-End Bale Spear, and 3-Point Bale Spear are all available in a standard-duty design for smaller tractors, less frequent usage, sandier soil types, and smaller-scale projects.

The Independence Series attachments are ideal for sub-compact tractors and compact tractors under thirty horsepower with a wheelbase up to 72" in width. Fundamentally, the Independence Series attachments' structure and design match those of their heavy-duty Pinnacle Series equivalents. We've shaved some weight off of upright arms, moldboard thickness, and overall height in some cases. Fear not; all ground-contacting equipment like shanks, blades, and tines are the same throughout our entire product line.

The Independence Series does lack a few conveniences of the Pinnacle Series on certain implements. For example, the Independence Series Back Blade and Landscape Rake do not feature the Pinnacle Series adjustable park stand. Additionally, the Independence Series Land Plane does not include the ability to adjust the dual scrape blades' depth or height. No Independence Series attachment features the ability to hitch to Cat-2 tractors of any kind. If you have a Cat-2 tractor, most likely, your wheelbase and horsepower will exclude you from using an Independence Series implement. 

Pinnacle Series:

Our Pinnacle Series attachments are built for heavy-duty applications when affixed to compact tractors and select utility tractors between thirty and fifty-five horsepower. Our ownership team specifically oversaw this line of implements as replacements for the big brand attachments they used for years around their properties. After months of rigorous testing, we are incredibly excited to offer these to the public so that everyone has the tools they need to work their property and improve their homestead.

With a more rugged design, thicker steel, and added support, the Pinnacle Series does feature some select benefits over the Independence Series equivalents. The Back Blade and Landscape Rake feature an adjustable park stand that will make hitching and storage much more manageable. On the Pinnacle Series, you will find thicker steel, more massive upright arms, taller moldboards, and the durability to tackle challenging projects on a routine basis. The complete differences are listed below:

Back Blade

  • 8” Horizontal Offset Capability
  • Adjustable Park Stand
  • 84” Features Dual Cat-1 & Cat-2 Compatibility

Box Blade

  • Improved Box Capacity with Taller Moldboard
  • 84” Features Dual Cat-1 & Cat-2 Compatibility
  • Angled Back Panel for Increased Durability

Land Plane

  • Continuous Height Adjustment from Skid Level to 1.75” Below Skid Level
  • Taller A-36 Steel Moldboard
  • 84” Features Dual Cat-1 & Cat-2 Compatibility

Landscape Rake

  • Adjustable Park Stand
  • 84” Features Dual Cat-1 & Cat-2 Compatibility

Bale Spears

  • Front-End Bale Spear
    • Optional Three (3) Main Spear Compatibility
    • Added Chain Hooks
  • 3-Point Bale Spear
    • Dual Cat-1 & Cat-2 Compatibility

How to Decide:

The key to deciding between a Pinnacle or Independence Series attachment ultimately comes down to the size of your tractor, the projects you hope to accomplish, and the regularity with which you will utilize the attachment. Our sales are currently split evenly between the Independence and Pinnacle Series variants of attachments that feature both designs.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty attachment for your compact tractor, you’d likely be better off purchasing the Pinnacle Series variant of the back blade, box blade, land plane, landscape rake, or bale spear you are looking to purchase. Whereas, if you operate a sub-compact tractor and are only performing yearly routine maintenance of roads, trails, or gardens – an Independence Series attachment should work perfectly fine behind your machine. 

Join Our Homestead Community:

All in all, we’ve produced multiple variants of our standard equipment to make sure that every homesteader and tractor owner can purchase an implement that works for them without over-spending or finding an attachment that may be too much behind their tractor. As more and more customers receive their attachments, we expect to see more activity in our Homestead Implements Owner’s Group on Facebook and our other social media channels. If you have any questions regarding the differences between the Independence and Pinnacle Series implements and which one will work best for you, please reach out to an experienced member of our sales team as they would be more than happy to help!