Snow Plow vs. Snow Pusher - What You Should Know!

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Dec 2nd 2020

Snow Plow vs. Snow Pusher - What You Should Know!

Snow Plow vs. Snow Pusher - What Does Your Homestead Need?

For most of the United States, the winter months can be some of the most challenging times around a homestead. A key component to making life easier is a rugged front-end snow moving implement that can keep driveways, trails, and other spaces free of snow. We are no strangers to brutal winters at Homestead Implements, with our facility located in the infamous snowbelt of Western New York. We have placed significant time and focus on our new Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow and Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher. Above all else, we want to send the absolute best snow moving implements out to those northern homesteaders who depend on them day in and day out.

We have had several interested homesteaders ask us what the difference is between the two and which one would be better for their needs. Below are a few points on each front-end snow moving attachment and why they may or may not be the perfect implement for your sub-compact or compact tractor this winter.

Pinnacle Series Front-End Snow Pusher:

If brute force were a snow-moving implement, it would be the Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher. This non-moving, front-end attachment can move a large amount of snow while scraping away the top layer of ice and leaving your driveway surface undamaged. We engineered this front-end attachment for sub-compact tractors, compact tractors, and utility tractors up to fifty-five horsepower.

Our engineering team has built the entire moldboard from thick ten-gauge steel and added crucial supports to reinforce the integrity of the implement itself. All of our snow moving attachments feature durable 6" tall AR400 scrape blades that are both reversible and replaceable. Additionally, the snow pusher has 3/8" x 3" steel skid shoes. You can adjust these to different heights to prevent unwanted damage to your driveway or parking surfaces. All moldboard edges of the Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher are equipped with 27" tall blade markers so that you never lose sight of your edges, even in the worst white-out weather!

  • 60" Width – 17 ft³ Box Capacity – 295 Pounds
  • 72" Width – 20 ft³ Box Capacity – 320 Pounds
  • 84" Width – 23 ft³ Box Capacity – 348 Pounds

Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow:

The Snow Plow is a core piece of equipment for every northern homestead or hobby farm. Removing fresh snow and preventing build-up in certain areas ensures that your property remains easily navigable, protects livestock, and reduces the long-term damage of repeated snowfall. Our Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow is a real workhorse for the winter months and will keep your driveways and other areas free of snow all season long.

Our Pinnacle Series Snow Plows are compatible with tractors that have up to 2500 maximum PSI. Our engineering team equipped all of our plows with dual 2" x 6" hydraulic cylinders that adjust quickly and accurately. With your tractor's 3rd function valve, you can adjust the plow blade 30° either left or right. Our Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plows are made with ten-gauge steel, feature a 6" tall reversible and replaceable AR400 scrape blade, and have heavy-duty twin springs that provide a 1,100-pound spring trip load. The Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plows have easily adjustable "feet" to control the height of the scrape blade.

  • 60" Overall Width – 52" Cutting Width at 30° – 360 Pounds
  • 72" Overall Width – 62" Cutting Width at 30° – 382 Pounds
  • 84" Overall Width – 72" Cutting Width at 30° – 405 Pounds

Which One is Best:

Ultimately, you are the best judge of what your homestead requires and your tractor is capable of when it comes to front-end snow moving attachments. Each of these implements has its pros and cons. If you have large, wide-open spaces that receive plentiful amounts of snowfall, the Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher may be better for your tractor. This allows you to scrape away large piles of snow and deposit them over a barrier or the driveway edge. The Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher edges are great for scraping close to buildings, fences, or other common obstructions.

If your homestead requires a more agile snow-moving attachment, the Pinnacle Series Hydraulic Snow Plow may be better for you. The combination of adjustability and strength in this plow will make snow removal more painless than ever around your homestead. The snow plow's maneuverability allows for the tractor operator to deposit all snow in a particular area. The snow plow's angular positioning makes quick work of long winding driveways, depositing snow in the ditch on either side.

Luckily, winter doesn't present as much of a hassle for most of the country as it does for us northerners. However, that doesn't mean we should be unprepared. Our Pinnacle Series lineup of Universal Quick-Attach snow moving equipment will keep your farm or homestead running smoothly even amid the worst snowstorms.