Thinking Ahead – Preparing for Winter with Snow Removal Equipment

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Aug 5th 2021

Thinking Ahead – Preparing for Winter with Snow Removal Equipment

Thinking Ahead – Preparing for Winter with Snow Removal Equipment

Believe it or not, winter is closer than you might think. For some homesteads, the first flurries might only be a few short months away! 

With our current lead times at eight weeks on all equipment, now is the perfect time to finalize your snow removal plan for the upcoming season and find the proper attachment for your tractor. 

As a manufacturer in Western New York, we've taken extreme pride in engineering our snow equipment to deliver impressive results even in blizzard conditions.

Back Blade (Independence and Pinnacle Series)

The humble Back Blade is the most basic of all possible snow removal equipment or attachments that can quickly clear a driveway of snow. Although the Back Blade is suitable for light to moderate snowfall, it can make for a handy implement to have in areas where snowfall isn't typical, or only a handful of inches of precipitation falls each season.

With a durable scrape blade, multiple angle settings, and the ability to operate in a reverse setting as a push blade, the Rear Blade attachment is an affordable option for those tractor operators with a small to a medium-sized tractor and a few flurries a year to clear from their paved driveway.

The Pinnacle Series Back Blade is an excellent choice for homesteaders looking to have a versatile implement with the bonus snow removal capability. Additionally, the added kickstand feature on all Pinnacle Series blades and dual Cat-1/Cat-2 compatibility allows for faster hitching, more accessible storage, and the ability to attach to larger machines.

Snow Pusher (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

The Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher is quite possibly the most versatile piece of snow removal equipment someone can add to their tractor for the winter season. Our entire team took extra care in designing this implement to improve snow removal in the regions with the heaviest snowfall throughout the winter months.

The Pinnacle Series Snow Pusher is excellent for the hard-to-reach edges around your homestead with an open-face box design. Add in the Back Drag Scraper Blades, and you can easily alter the angle of the Snow Pusher to pull snow away from buildings, retaining walls, or doorways without the need to grab a shovel. The sturdy AR400 steel scrape blades are reversible and replaceable, meaning you can expect years of longevity from your attachment even after several winters of heavy snow, ice, and slush.

Additionally, the adjustable 3/8" thick skid shoes are replaceable and ensure minimal impact on your driveway or road surface during operation. The overall height of the Snow Pusher is 25". With two 27" tall blade markers positioned on either side to provide additional visibility in blizzard conditions. This attachment is available in three working widths, Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) or John Deere™ Hook & Pin compatibility, six colors, and several accessory combinations. Including a Back Drag Scrape Blade, Back Drag Scraper Blade with Cover, and Cover only.

Compact Tractor Attachment Snow Pusher for John Deere

Snow Plow (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

A Pinnacle Series Snow Plow, Hydraulic or Manual, is possibly the most well-known snow removal equipment, and for a good reason. This durable front-end implement is perfect for homesteads with long winding driveways, access roads, or large parking areas to maintain.

We currently offer both Pinnacle Series Snow Plows with Hydraulic and Manual adjustment options. Both designs feature ten-gauge steel moldboard is 25" inches tall and features a 5/16" thick AR400 scraper blade, measuring 6" tall, that is both reversible and replaceable. The measured spring trip load on this attachment is 1,100 pounds, protecting your implement and tractor from any damage.

Unique to the Hydraulic Snow Plow are the twin 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders with a 2" bore and 6" stroke. These powerful cylinders help adjust the blade of your attachment to 30° in either direction, allowing for maximum reach and displacement of heavy snow.

The Manual Snow Plow features five possible angle locations, easily adjustment with a simple pin design that locks your blade into place during operation. This variant is perfect for tractor operators with limited plowing requirements during the winter months or those that lack a third function valve kit on the front arms of their machine. 

Rated for tractors up to fifty-five horsepower, customers can purchase either variant in the Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) style or the John Deere™ Hook & Pin for nine compatible loader series. We currently offer six colors for this attachment and three working widths.

With winter rapidly approaching, especially in the northern parts of the United States and Canada, late summer or early fall is the best time to finalize your research and purchase your snow removal attachments for the upcoming season. 

All of our snow equipment currently maintains a six to eight-week lead time on all purchases, arriving directly to your homestead before the first flurries of snow coat your driveway. 

If you have any questions on what snow equipment will work best for your compact tractor, please give our Sales Team a call at 833-625-0635 during regular business hours to discuss what Homestead Implement will help keep your property snow-free all winter long!