Top Five Tractor Implements for Spring Projects!

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Jan 8th 2021

Top Five Tractor Implements for Spring Projects!

Top Five Implements for Spring Projects!

Although most of the country is in the heart of winter, the most prepared homesteaders are already thinking about spring projects, garden planning, and most importantly, what implements they may need to evolve their homestead. No matter where you are or what projects you may have in mind, we have the implement to get the job done and the lead times to ensure your new attachment is delivered directly to your barn door before the season has passed. Continue reading this blog to get some more information on choosing the right implement for your homestead and what we believe to be the five most essential tractor attachments for spring projects.

Choosing Implements:

Ultimately, the most successful homestead results from continual planning and always thinking at least one season ahead. Some may argue that now is the most crucial step of planning for the entire year and determining whether or not you have the correct implements for the projects you want to accomplish this year is essential. Maybe you are looking to expand your garden beds this year but lack the heavy-duty rotary tiller. Perhaps your homestead has been ravaged by heavy snowfall and faces the intense washouts from the spring melt. There is always the chance that a late winter ice or wind storm could bring down limbs or whole trees that need removing in the spring. It doesn't matter whether you planned the project or it is entirely circumstantial; our complete lineup of rugged three-point implements and front-end attachments will not only keep your homestead running but improve it to new heights.

Box Blade (Available in Independence & Pinnacle Series)

A Box Blade is among the most versatile, useful, and practical implements a compact tractor owner can add to their homestead. Our Box Blades ended 2020 as our 2nd (Independence Series) and 3rd (Pinnacle Series) most popular implements sold. There is no limit to what a Box Blade can do for your homestead when it comes to spring projects. Whether you are regrading gravel roads washed out from snowmelt, spreading new stone, adding fill dirt to sunken areas, or merely digging those heavy-duty shanks into the earth to break ground on a new garden, our Box Blades are a perfect attachment to have on hand. With several sizes, we have a Box Blade to fit nearly every tractor under fifty-five horsepower.

Landscape Rake (Available in Independence & Pinnacle Series)

Our Landscape Rakes were also an incredibly popular implement in 2020, and with the combination of versatility and affordability, we certainly see why. When you hook up a Landscape Rake to your three-point hitch, you can make quick work of spreading stone, collecting fallen limbs, and regrading sections of gravel roads that may have washed out from the winter weather. These formidable implements with individually removable tines are adjustable to several angles to accommodate most projects, leaving you with a neatly manicured homestead.

Land Plane (Available in Independence & Pinnacle Series)

Much like a Box Blade, our Land Planes can transform your homestead in a multitude of manners. With an open-end and dual grading blades, a quick-hitch compatible Land Plane can be a handy implement for spring projects. These attachments are perfect for homesteads with lengthy gravel roads, livestock pens, and hunting trails. The flexibility of having adjustable ripper shanks and blades allows you to customize your Land Plane's aggressiveness with ease in only a few seconds. Raise the blades and shanks for a quick regrade of a gravel roadway or drop everything down to cut a new trail through compacted soil. 

Rotary Tiller (Pinnacle Series Only)

It goes without saying that if you are looking to upgrade your garden, food plots, or hobby farms, a heavy-duty Rotary Tiller should be in the cards for you this year. Our gear-drive Rotary Tillers are available in three sizes and are compatible with Cat-1 and Cat-2 tractors with select PTO outputs. All of our Pinnacle Series Rotary Tillers feature a slip clutch to protect against unwanted acceleration miscues and an adjustable chain and tailgate to keep flying debris at a minimum.

Grapple (Pinnacle Series Only – John Deere Compatible Variants Available)

Every homestead should have a front-end grapple attachment. Homestead Implements grapples offer the modern homestead endless usages and unlimited convenience. Our Hardox™ 450 Root Grapples and Brush Grapples are the perfect Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) attachments for sub-compact, compact, and select utility tractors. We also offer a 66" Root Grapple for John Deere tractors with one of nine select loader series. Grapples were our best-selling attachment in 2020, and we look forward to continuing that trend in 2021. Not to mention the expansions to our grapple line hitting the website in the coming weeks!

In conclusion, to find the right implements for you, you need to know what projects you want to accomplish around your homestead this year. With the right combination of implements, you might be able to complete more than you thought possible with your sub-compact, compact, or utility tractor. Do you still have questions about what tractor attachments will work for you this year? Give us a call or reach out on social media. Our experienced sales staff is always standing by to assist you in your implement purchasing journey!