Welcome to the Homestead Handbook!

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Sep 24th 2020

Welcome to the Homestead Handbook!

Welcome to Homestead Implements – Your Source for American-Made Tractor Attachments

After over a year of research, preparation, and numerous prototypes, we are so excited to finally be able to share our hard work with the homesteading community. Now that the proverbial “doors have been open” to the public, we already see such tremendous support for our line-up of sub-compact and compact tractor attachments, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings to Homestead Implements. We are more than prepared to help you around your homestead, whether you need a standard-duty Independence Series implement or a rugged, heavy-duty Pinnacle Series implement.

Who Are We?

Homestead Implements is a brand-new division of Jamestown Advanced Products – a sheet-metal company in Western New York with over three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. Within the impressive 175,000 square foot facility of Jamestown Advanced, Homestead Implements is more than capable of building the most durable CAT-1 and CAT-2 compact tractor attachments on the market today. Our wealth of knowledge and ever-expanding team allow us to offer lead times on all implements between 2 and 3 weeks. With a dedicated powder-coat line, an entire team of welders, and top-notch engineering experience, we can complete every step of the engineering and assembly process in-house. Additionally, our three decades of freight experience allow us to offer free shipping to the lower 48 and Ontario, Canada, direct to your barn door. Our call ahead service ensures you won’t waste an entire day waiting for your implement or traveling to the freight terminal to pick up your attachment!

Our Products

We are currently offering ten attachments, some in both standard-duty Independence Series and heavy-duty Pinnacle Series variants, designed to work with most tractors under fifty-five horsepower. Every one of these attachments was meticulously researched, designed, and tested around our homestead before we started offering them to the public. We are incredibly proud of our implements and honestly believe that these are the best “Tools to Work the Earth.”

Back Blade

Back Blades are an excellent all-purpose quick-hitch compatible attachment with five angle settings and replaceable high-carbon scrape blades.

Box Blade

This implement is already among our best-selling attachments. Constructed with easily adjustable ripper shanks, rugged moldboards, and a dual-sided high-carbon scrape blade, this quick-hitch compatible attachment is perfect for dozens of projects.

Landscape Rake

With heavy-duty, individually replaceable tines, our quick-hitch compatible Landscape Rakes are perfect compact tractor attachments for cleaning debris, gathering rocks or sticks, and re-grading driveways.

Land Planes

These rugged implements are available in both CAT-1 and CAT-2 quick-hitch compatible sizes and offer the ripping power of a box blade and the grading precision of a back blade.

Bale Spears

We offer both standard-duty and heavy-duty variants of Quick-Hitch and Universal Quick-Attach Bale Spears for use around your hobby farm or homestead.

Brush Cutter (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

Our CAT-1 and CAT-2 quick-hitch compatible brush cutters are the definition of heavy-duty. These powerful PTO-drive attachments can cut brush up to 2” thick and feature rugged construction designed to maximize performance and operator safety.

Brush Grapple (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

Our Brush Grapple is Universal Quick-Attach compatible and features a lightweight design, 8” Hardox 450 steel teeth, twin hydraulic cylinders, and a single-lid design that provides excellent grip and an ultra-wide mouth.

Root Grapple (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

Our Root Grapple is Universal Quick-Attach compatible and features a lightweight design, 13” Hardox 450 steel teeth, twin hydraulic cylinders, and a single-lid design that provides excellent grip and an ultra-wide mouth.

Gear-Drive Rotary Tillers (Pinnacle Series Exclusive)

Our quick-hitch compatible Rotary Tiller is a gear-drive three-point implement that can help you build your next garden, expand your hobby farm, or seed your next food plot.

What is Next?

Over the next several months, we will keep expanding our line-up of sub-compact, compact, and utility tractor attachments so that we can best serve every member of this outstanding homesteading community. To stay up-to-date on everything Homestead Implements, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email at the bottom of our home page. Or you can start following us on social media @HomesteadImplementsUSA, join our Facebook Group, and subscribe to the YouTube channel of our brand ambassador Hamiltonville Farm. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to bringing you the best American-made implements money can buy. Happy Homesteading!