Root Grapple Pinnacle Series for John Deere

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USD $2,900.00 - USD $2,950.00
Current Lead Time = 6 to 8 Weeks
336 LBS
3rd Function Kit Required
Maximum 3000 Hydraulic PSI
13" Hardox 450 Steel Teeth

2" Schedule 80 Pipe, Hardox 450 Teeth, & Industry Leading Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Pinnacle Series JD Compatible Root Grapples are built for large limbs, toppling dead trees, digging up roots, removing large boulders, and consistent rough usage. These are designed to be compatible with JD Loader Series: D120, 120R, 220R, 300E, 300R, 320R, 400E, 400R, and 400X. This grapple is built with 13" Hardox 450 teeth, a 3000 Maximum hydraulic PSI rating, and a lightweight 336 pound design. This versatile attachment combines the usefullness of several implements into one. With 2" Schedule 80 pipe, durable Hardox 450 steel teeth, lightweight design, and powerful twin hydraulic cylinders this American-made compact tractor grapple can withstand the repeated wear and tear of larger farms and rigorous projects. 3rd Function Kit is required for operation.  (Pinnacle Series Root Grapples are not designed or intended to push or ram standing trees, poles, or buildings. Additionally, the top lid is not designed to withstand excessive pulling force or to remove severely impacted or embedded materials.)

Wide Opening

The Homestead Implements Pinnacle Root Grapple for John Deere features a 39 1/2" maximum opening allowing you to pick up larger logs and more material.

Mechanical Stops
Extend the lid of your grapple and pull it along loose materials and earth without fear of ruining your hydraulic cylinders.
Hardox 450 Steel
All of the 13" long teeth on this grapple are made from HARDOX 450 Steel that provides exceptional abrasion resistance in all applications.
Diverse JD Compatibility
The 66" Root Grapple is designed to be compatible with eight specific JD Loader Series: D120, 120R, 220R, 300E, 300R, 320R, 400E, 400R, and 400X.
Easy Connection & Storage
All of Grapples are uniquely designed with a flat base to allow for unsupported upright storage in tight areas. Easily connect and disconnect your grapple without the use of a bulky stand or taking up additional room.
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