Free Shipping Direct to Your Home

We include free freight shipping with all implements directly to your home or barn, not a freight terminal. Free freight shipping is currently included within the Lower 48 States and Ontario, Canada. With over thirty years of freight shipping experience, we are able to secure the most competitive rates on all shipments and we pass those savings on to you! In partnership with our preferred freight carrier, we now offer two variants of at-home delivery to make the final delivery of your implement as simple as possible.


Contactless Delivery (Free): When you select this option at checkout, your implement(s) will arrive at your home without the need to make a delivery appointment. The driver will unload your order and leave it at your facility without requiring anyone to be there. The driver will photograph the pallet, proving delivery, but you should still inspect the pallet and product for any possible damages incurred during shipping that may not have been immediately noticeable upon arrival. Tracking information will be available to the customer with this method. Contactless delivery is not available for implements over 72" wide. Please select 'Standard Delivery' for these implements.


Standard Delivery with Appointment (Free)If you have the means to unload the pallet transporting your implement, and would like to be home at the time of delivery, please select this option when placing your order. As a courtesy to the customer, our freight carrier will provide a "call ahead" service a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time to schedule the final delivery. You must be home for this delivery option and are responsible for on-loading your attachment(s). The driver will not assist with the off-loading process. 


Liftgate(+$157): If you select “Delivery by Appointment” and cannot physically offload your implement when it arrives at your address, you must contact us immediately or before your implement ships to either change your delivery type or to request liftgate service. An additional $157.00 + applicable sales tax will be collected for this service. Liftgate service is not available for implements over 72" wide. Please select 'Standard Delivery' for these implements.

Please perform a visual inspection of your implement in front of the delivery driver after unloading from the truck. Any damages, including but not limited to chipped paint, damaged wraps, broken tie-downs, broken pallets, or damaged equipment, must be reported to the delivery driver upon receipt of the implement before the driver leaves the property. After reporting the damage to the driver, please contact our team the same day as your delivery at 833-625-0635.

Residents of Alaska, Hawai'i, Canada, excluding Ontario, and Mexico can call us at 833-625-0635 to obtain a freight quote.
Shipping to Rural Locations
Homestead Implements anticipated shipping attachments to remote or rural homesteads throughout the country. To continue offering free-shipping to these hard to reach locations, the carrier assigned to your shipment may deliver to a terminal and sub-contract out delivery to a smaller company that delivers more frequently to addresses in your region. Additionally, some carriers may only deliver once a week to remote locations or townships. Suppose you live in a remote area, at the end of a long dead-end road without a turnaround, or another rural address. In that case, the carrier may delay your shipment until another is assigned or until the carrier routinely delivers to your location.
Learn More from Hank Hamilton
To help get you prepared for delivery of your implement, we asked our Brand Ambassador Hank Hamilton to give you a quick break down of the process from start to finish and what to expect when your Homestead Implement attachment arrives!
Free Shipping Fine Print

For all “Delivery by Appointments,” you will be required to have all necessary equipment to offload the palletized implement from the back of the truck, including a tractor or other machine with the capacity to offload excessive weight. The amount of time allotted for unloading the order is dependent on the size and weight of the delivery. 

Less than 1,000 pounds = 15 minutes 
1,000 – 2,500 pounds = 30 minutes 
2,501 – 5,000 pounds = 60 minutes 

Damages During Shipping 

Upon arrival, the purchaser is responsible for inspecting the implement(s) to ensure they were not damaged in transit. For all “Contactless Deliveries,” the implement(s) will be photographed by the driver. Still, it must be inspected by the purchaser for additional damage that may not be apparent until unpacking the product.  

Any shortages or damages must be written on the delivery receipt. If you determine that items are damaged or missing, you MUST note the item, discrepancy, and condition BEFORE you sign it. Homestead Implements is not responsible for charges incurred per the customer’s request for outside service contractors to unload, repair, alter, or check any of our products without our express written consent.  

The purchaser is also responsible for documenting any damage, including but not limited to: large sections of chipped paint, gouged steel, damaged shrink wrap, broken pallets, bent equipment, missing items, or broken items.  

All damages must be reported to Homestead Implements as soon as possible but no later than five business days after delivery. The customer must relay all images and information to Homestead Implements to process a freight claim. Homestead Implements will not provide spray paint to touch up minor dings, scratches, or cosmetic damages. However, if the scratches or gouges are significant and could impact the longevity or performance of your implement, we will provide touch-up paint free of charge.  

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