About Us

The Homestead Implements Story
There is something magical and alluring about the blue glow of a welding torch in the recesses of an old airplane hangar after everyone else has gone home. With the unmistakable crackle of fusing metal, one of the lead engineers of our parent company, Jamestown Advanced Products, was staying late a few days a week to modify an existing standard-duty tractor implement to use for more demanding jobs around his hobby farm. As more and more employees took note of this late-night endeavor, so too did Lee Lodestro, co-owner of Jamestown Advanced Products. Being a lifelong tractor owner and outdoor equipment enthusiast himself, Lee took an extreme interest in the process and ultimately decided to create and launch Homestead Implements.
Located in Western New York, Homestead Implements is no stranger to the notion that our county has more cows than it does people. Homestead Implements has no shortage of employees who manage their land and grow their food. Farming of all kinds is essential to this region and we are seeing a dramatic increase in small homesteads and hobby farms. As one of the only northern manufacturers of premier 3-point and front-end loader tractor attachments, Homestead Implements delivers a rugged product that can handle the terrain no matter where you live. All of these implements are engineered with the first-time homesteader in mind as well as an experienced farmer looking to upgrade their current attachment collection.
Whether this is your first implement or your tenth, every single piece of equipment that comes from our shop is built with the same dedication and care as if we were building it for our farms and to feed our own families. We know how important this equipment can be and that is why we’ve built it to last and deliver impeccable results when you need them most.
Our Parent Company - Jamestown Advanced Products
For nearly three decades the Jamestown Advanced Products name has been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and satisfied customers in both the private and municipal sector. What started as a company that manufactured a single grill design has since grown into a nationally recognized premier supplier of heavy-duty products, outstanding quality, and reliable customer service. We believe that our experience and proficiency in the park and recreation industry will help us excel in this new endeavor.
Our Brand Ambassadors - Hamiltonville Farm
Hank and Gina Hamilton of Hamiltonville Farm own and operate a 75-acre hobby farm in the panhandle of Florida. As a retired US Air Force Officer, Hank understands the need for quality and dependability. That's why Homestead Implements was their first choice as a Brand Ambassador for our tractor implements. Homestead Implements is excited to collaborate with them to develop high-quality internet content in the form of YouTube videos of products, social media collaboration, and the possibility of future coordinated trade show visits. You can visit their highly informative YouTube channel and Facebook page to see our products in action around their hobby farm among other things.