Sub-Compact Tractor Grapple Independence Series

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USD $1,750.00 - USD $1,800.00
Current Lead Time = 6 to 8 Weeks
240 LBS
3rd Function Kit Required
3rd Function Kit
Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA)
Universal Quick-
Attach (SSQA)
Recommended Horsepower 15 - 30 HP
Recommended Horsepower 15 - 30
9" Hardox 450 Steel Teeth
9" Hardox 450
Steel Teeth
Maximum 2500 PSI Hydraulic System Pressure
Maximum 2500 PSI
Hydraulic System Pressure
The Perfect All-Purpose Attachment for Sub-Compact Tractors Under 30 Horsepower
Our newly released Independence Series Grapple for Sub-Compact Tractors is the perfect addition to any tractor under 30 horsepower with a Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) compatible front-end loader. This grapple, weighing only 190 pounds, will attach to Cat-1 tractors between 15 and 30 horsepower with a maximum hydraulic system pressure rating of 2500 PSI. With heavy-duty construction in a small-sized frame, this grapple boasts the same HARDOX 450 steel as our Pinnacle Series variants but in a slim ¼” thick size. The Independence Series Grapple is excellent if your homestead requires an all-purpose attachment to carry fence posts, move brush piles, relocate small boulders, and transport small to medium-sized logs. As with any lifting attachment, please consult the tractor manual for specific lifting capacity guidelines. This grapple is only available in a 54” working width with five available colors. 3rd Function Hydraulic Kit is Required for Operation. (Independence Series Grapples should not be used to push or ram standing trees, poles, or buildings. Additionally, the top lid is not designed to withstand excessive pulling force or remove severely impacted or embedded materials.)
Independence Series Grapple for Sub-Compact Tractors
Mechanical stops prevent hydraulic damage.
Mechnical Stops
Extend the lid of your grapple and pull it through loose earth or brush without fear of ruining your hydraulic cylinders.
Stand alone design and easy Universal Quick-Attach compatibility.
Easy Connection & Storage
All of Grapples are uniquely designed with a flat base to allow for unsupported upright storage in tight areas. Easily connect and disconnect your grapple without the use of a bulky stand or taking up additional room.
29" maximum lid opening.
Wide Opening
The Homestead Implements Sub-Compact Grapple features a 29" maximum opening with a specially designed mechanical stop system to protect your hydraulics
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