Implements for The Job: Pond Building & Maintenance

Posted by Spencer Santilli on Jul 15th 2021

Implements for The Job: Pond Building & Maintenance

Implements for the Job #2: Building & Maintaining Your Pond

Adding a pond, or similar water feature, to your homestead is a fantastic way to increase your property value while also beautifying. Whether you are looking to add a pond or maintain an existing water feature on your homestead, a tractor with the correct implements can make all the difference when it comes to the result. Some new construction may require heavier machines like excavators or bulldozers, but there are still plenty of projects to tackle with the right set of Homestead Implements attachments. 

Projects like dam maintenance, bank development, erosion control, weed prevention, and brush cutting are all necessary tasks to maintain your pond’s healthy ecosystem.

Back Blades

While you might do most of the heavy-lifting with a bulldozer or excavator when digging out space for your pond, a robust Back Blade is an excellent attachment to assist your project. With several angle settings, including a reverse position, the rugged scrape blade can clear away small mounds of dirt while giving you more precision on adjusting grade, slope, and smoothness. 

Our Pinnacle Series Back Blade includes the option for horizontal offset, allowing for even more reach outside the wheelbase of your tractor. While back blades, or rear scrape blades, are suitable for minimal excavation or soil removal projects, they should not be your primary implement when excavating land for a pond.

Compact Tractor Back Blade Attachments

Land Planes

Think of land planes as a paintbrush when it comes to building your pond. This attachment includes dual scrape blades set at an angle that allow you to grade loose soil with the extra material uniformly spilling over the edges. 

Are you still dealing with compacted banks and slopes? No problem! Drop down the rugged ripper shanks to loosen up compacted soil and allow the grading blades to spread the excess dirt behind, leaving a smoother surface. 

Our Independence Series and Pinnacle Series Land Planes can be excellent additions to any implement arsenal and are exceptionally versatile when building and maintaining a pond.

Compact Tractor Attachment Land Planes by Homestead Implements

Landscape Rakes

Landscape rakes are the perfect attachment for the final steps of laying the base of your pond. With the durable tines and now available wheel-kit, a landscape rake will quickly remove the last rocks, branches, and loose debris from your pond. 

These implements are also great for spreading gravel, mulch, or other finishing materials to put the finishing touches around the edges of your pond. All of our rakes have multiple angle settings to allow for added precision and reach from the rear of your tractor.

Compact Tractor Attachment York Rakes by Homestead Implements


There are no limits to the applications of a Homestead Implements Grapple around any homestead. We’ve designed Brush Grapples and Root Grapples to fit most all tractors under fifty-five horsepower, including Universal Quick-Attach (SSQA) and nine different John Deere® loader series. 

When building or maintaining your pond, a grapple can prove immensely useful for moving brush piles, removing stubborn roots, ripping out invasive weeds, and carrying your tools or building materials to and from the job site. 

The Hardox 450 steel teeth with impressive grip strength can quickly move boulders around your pond to strengthen erosion areas, support drainage ditches, or beautify through landscaping designs.

Compact Tractor Attachment Grapple by Homestead Implements

Brush Cutter

A Pinnacle Series Brush Cutter is crucial to maintaining the area around your pond for years to come. Brush will inevitably grow around the banks of your new water feature and need cut back to prevent overgrowth and maintain accessibility. 

Our rotary cutters can cut up to 2” diameter saplings and have adjustable features to control the height of your cut. The added features of heavy-duty upright arms, a motion transfer gearbox, and a full-range tailwheel ensure that the Pinnacle Series Brush Cutter will be around for years to come as you maintain and enjoy your pond.

Compact Tractor Attachment Brush Cutter by Homestead Implements

A pond is a great way to bring more wildlife to your property as well as native foliage. Not only will your family get enjoyment out of a refreshing swim or an evening cast of a fishing line, but you will also likely see an increase in animal traffic through your homestead. 

So, once you finish all the hard work, be sure to set up a trail cam and position a few comfortable chairs close to the water edge to get the most out of the pond on your homestead

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