Bale Spear Pinnacle Series - Front Loader

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USD $790.00
Current Lead Time = 6 to 8 Weeks
274 LBS
Universal Quick-Attach Compatible (SSQA)
Lightweight Design = 164 Pounds
Lift & Secure Your Payload
Our Pinnacle Series Front-End Bale Spears can be affixed to Cat-1 and Cat-2 tractors with Universal Quick Attach (SSQA). All of our Pinnacle Series Bale Spears feature a single 45” main spear with 14" twin stabilizers. The Front-End model does allow for the addition of two 45” main spears at an additional cost. All Homestead Implements Bale Spears feature a 2" trailer receiver hitch. If you are looking for a more durable Front-End Bale Spear that can withstand the repeated wear and tear of larger farms and projects, the Pinnacle Series Bale Spear is for you.
Compact tractor with round bales on front and rear spears.
Front-Loader Spear with Angled Hay Bale
Superior Precision
Improve your accuracy and control with the added precision of a Front-Loader Pinnacle Series Bale Spear.
Pinnacle Series Bale Spear Chain Hooks Closeup
Chain Hooks
Add extra security to your load with chain hooks, only available in the Pinnacle Series Front-Loader Bale Spears.
Pinnacle Series Front-Loader Bale Spear with Three Main Spears.
Three Main Spears
Contact a Sales Representative to inquire about purchasing two additional 45" CONUS Main Spears for your Pinnacle Series Bale Spear.
Barn in field.
Free Shipping
This implement always ships for free, direct from our shop to your barn door.